Time Capsules on Private Lands

It’s usually the first objection people can think of. So, private land options for Wilderness Time Capsule  Adventures are often overlooked. But Land Managers of private properties may be your business colleagues, friends or relatives. They can also be ranchers, farmers or foundations that manage millions of acres of private land for investment and preservation. And if it’s legal, it’s legal. Time Capsules on Private Lands

When you explain the concept of this adventure you will almost certainly be surprised by the instantly positive reaction. This is a deceptively easy idea to promote. You will find a quick understanding of the concept because it embodies so many positive attitudes and activities. This is a solid adventure that incorporates an array of positive values for families and individuals: wilderness exploration, connection through multiple generations, the excitement of a treasure hunt, the gift of personal acknowledgment by older family members, and…a surprise at the end!

It’s hard for people to come up with a credible objection to the concept, apart from “littering” which is a stretch of lexicon.

If your public land options seem restricted, then don’t hesitate to explore private alternatives. Some of us know individuals (or corporations) with large or remote tracts of land that have been undisturbed in virtual perpetuity. Timber companies own huge tracts of wilderness and often invite public access. When in doubt, ask.

Time Capsules on Private LandsSurprisingly, there are more than a million acres of private lands that have been incorporated into many of our National Wilderness areas. With permission from private land owners or managers these acres (called inholdings) are legally accessible for a wilderness time capsule activity. A verbal agreement will often suffice for access. Extended placements may require a written agreement in case property is sold or transferred. Occasionally a small monetary donation to a foundation or private owner might open otherwise gated lands. But generally speaking, you will find enthusiastic endorsement of your proposal. That endorsement may be informal and unwritten, so this adds a small degree of risk. But a small risk will always be a part of this adventure.

Private land is also a practical option for underground placement of time capsules. The point is that no sensible private alternative should be ignored…because your request is most likely to be accepted. You’ll see!