Media Mentions

Here are just a few of the Media Mentions for Time in a Capsule, An Adventure for your Descendants.



Listen to this eight minute radio interview (click above) as Media: Old RCA Microphoneyou review pages in the Time Capsule Adventure. (Audio player will appear as separate tab.)


Some background to this interview: We initially started our Geocapsuling projects back in 1999 by burying capsules in remote areas. But we have since developed an easier, more practical and more environmentally acceptable alternative. The Geocapsuling housings that we now recommend are permanently camouflaged, simulated rock and log encasements that you will see depicted on this site. The attached radio interview was conducted before we had made a changeover to these above-ground “Geocapsules”.


Representative Newspaper and Magazine Articles:

Newspaper Media: New York Times Connecting With Future Generations

Geneologue: Get Your Descendents Off The Couch

Media: GrandBoomers.comNew York Times: Buried Treasures and Pictures for the Taking

South Whidbey Record: Family Time Capsule

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