Selecting Your Time Capsule

Selecting Your Time Capsule means choosing a Hollow Rock or Hollow Log Alternative.

Selecting Your Time Capsule: Choosing between two sizes of time capsule containers

An above ground option (a hollow rock or hollow log Geocapsule with stainless container) should be considered when:

1. Your projected retrieval time may extend from days to years.
2. You feel confident about identifying a remote placement site where your Geocapsule can be totally camouflaged by the surrounding terrain and is invisible even to those who may come within feet of the cache.
3. Your internal Geocapsule items are few and have insignificant value beyond family.
4. Your internal Geocapsule items will be able to withstand environmental extremes if exposed over time. To purchase either an above ground Geocapsule (i.e. hollow rock or log together with a stainless steel capsule) or a below ground stainless steel tube, retail costs are in the range of $75 to $150.  The price generally includes turn-key archiving materials and supporting documents. (See our  Time Capsule Retailers page. )

The Hollow Rock

WeSelecting Your Time Capsule: Time Capsule placement under a hollow rock Geocapsule. have been testing time capsule alternatives since 1999. Over that period, we have studied and rejected many options. We now feel the hollow rock and hollow log Geocapsules are your best above ground cover for this adventure. We  do not sell them. We only offer manufacturer links on our Geocapsule Products page. The Geocapsule is a two piece set: a simulated rock or log, and the stainless steel capsule itself. You will need to purchase them from separate retailers.

Material Advantage:

Hollow, structural polyurethane fake rock provides a perfect camouflage as well as a durable long term shield for your stainless time capsule. Its hard framework has a granular exterior, and its natural character makes it virtually indistinguishable from millions of other small surface boulders whether viewed from close-up or far away. For this very unique adventure, “indistinguishable” and “unremarkable” are words that define its splendid disguise.

These 2–3 lb. housings are designed for strength, and security over many years of exposure to seasonal weather extremes. They are crafted to withstand wide ranges of hot/cold, freeze/thaw, UV rays and weather. And they are available in a range of natural earth tones, textures, styles and sizes.


Your choice of rock color should approximate that of your drop-site. A few regions have dominant earth tones like white sandstone or red rock in the southwest. In most areas however, a mixed light brown tone is a universal color.

As camouflage that neither spoils the environment nor attracts unwanted attention, the hollow-rock and hollow log camouflage succeed exceptionally well.

Avoids Digging:

The above ground Geocapsule choice confronts the most frequent opposition of those who have the heebie-jeebies about digging any hole in the ground, even if that activity is not prohibited. And it serves up an effortless opportunity to participate in a Geocapsuling experience.

These simulated natural housings are simply the best protective storage volume for securely concealing your time capsule.

The Hollow Log

A larger artificial log housing will accept the longer (one foot long by three and a half inches in diameter) stainless steel capsule.

Selecting Your Time Capsule: Hollow log cutaway shows a hidden time capsule.


A simulated log is virtually identical to a real log. In fact, all the Geocapsules found on our Geocapsules page are exact duplications taken from life-molds of the real thing.


Selecting Your Time Capsule image of the hollow log Geocapsule


The exterior Geocapsule housing is only a first level of security for your capsule. Remember that you are not just disguising your cache; you need to add levels of security to ensure the content’s survival up to many years.


The Stainless Steel Time Capsule Insert

A stainless steel capsule is hidden underneath the artificial rock (or log) housing for complete camouflage. Stainless steel is the best protective container for your capsule items because it can be permanently sealed from oxygen and humidity intrusion. It will not rust, it is structurally sound and is well suited for this type of application.

Selecting Your Time Capsule: The Stainless Steel Time Capsule

Selecting Your Time Capsule: Covering the hollow log  with its time capsule

Primary drawbacks to above ground time capsule placements relate to perceived risk of discovery or other environmental factors. These presumed risks are minimal if your preparation and placement are well considered. See Choosing Your Drop Site for a broader consideration of these factors.  The Wilderness Time Capsule Adventure begins by Selecting Your Time Capsule.

Be Realistic:

If you want to preserve keep-sake items, you should probably lock them away in a safe, not in a wilderness time capsule. But if you minimize risks as detailed in these pages, your high hopes for secure delivery to a future generation will succeed. That’s what this adventure is all about.

So choose the appropriate Geocapsule, seal your capsule containers as directed, select your drop sites with intelligence, and then expect with confidence that your small treasures will survive as intended.

For more detail on preparing the above ground, hollow rock and hollow log Geocapsules, see the page Protecting Your Time Capsule Items.



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