Time in a Capsule does not sell any products. But we have prepared seven pages of documents that will help you to conduct your Time Capsule Adventure.


Download, view and print the PDF file (below) which contains:

1. The Time Capsule Adventure Checklist
-Before you leave Your House: Items to Pack
-At the Drop Site
-Other Site Criteria
-Site Preparation
-Before You Leave the Drop Site
-When you Return Home

2. Geocapsuling Data Sheet:
-Identify the General Region of Placement
-People in Attendance
-Notations about General Terrain, Points of Interest, etc.
-Notations for Identifying Drop Site
-List Some Items contained in the Time Capsule
-When can this Capsule be Retrieved?
-A duplicate folder was also given to:

3. Duplicate Retrieval Folder Page

4. Introductory Letter

Click to Download PDF


Here are the links to resellers who will supply you with the implements for a Geocapsuling Adventure. Do you have to use these specific products? Nope. We have no financial interest in them at all. But we know these work perfectly and give you the protection you will want to ensure success.

For Hollow Rocks and Logs

D.C. Works, Inc.

TO ORDER CALL: (847) 464-4280  or

TOLL FREE 1-(877) DCWORKS [329-6757]

D.C. Works 1

Three hollow rocks on this page will house a vacuum seal time capsule which is available through the link in the Time Capsule section below. The Round Rock, Flat Top and Bermuda Triangle Rocks. Prices range from $22 to $27 plus shipping.

3 Rocks

The Wilderness Log is a special order item from D.C. Works and must be requested by phone at 1-(877) 329-6757.

Log Geocapsule

Stainless Steel Time Capsules

Stainless Steel Time Capsules are obtainable from two locations.  Our recommended capsule is a 14 oz. stainless steel vacuum food jar that passes the necessary seal and structure requirements for time capsule storage. But the one pictured is no longer available. So search Amazon.


For the Wilderness Log, we recommend the longer stainless steel capsule which you can find at www.futurepkg.com. You can reach Janet Rheinhold by phone at (626) 966-1955.


Sally Capsule

(Above: From the Future Packaging website.)