Arrival Back Home: Checklist

There are just a few more tasks to complete your part of this adventure. You can’t afford to overlook these steps because all too frequently a return to your home base means that you immediately drop everything and move right back into your old routine…forgetting that your task is not complete. If you delay the remaining simple chores, you’re going to forget important information. So don’t jeopardize the success of this venture.



When you Return Home

1. Immediately duplicate the information from your original Geocapsuling Sheet onto the second set of Retrieval Folder forms, and place one copy in each folder.

2. Make dual photo print copies of your adventure

3. Distribute photos and data sheets into your two Retrieval Folders.




4. Using the EXACT GPS coordinates of your drop site, you can now get a precise location of the drop site on a TerraServer Map (See References page). Enter your coordinates on the TerraServer web site, print copies of your drop site map and insert the prints into your two Retrieval Folders.




5. If this is a long-term time capsule, keep one Retrieval Folder in your private file. You might also keep another copy of the GPS coordinates in your safe deposit box.Geocapsuling-Copies

6. Give the second Retrieval Folder to a young Fail-Safe relative.
7. Fill out the International Time Capsule Society form (link available on our References page) and relay the GPS coordinates of your drop site to them.
8. Send an “e-mail to the future” (link available on our References page) to several people with details of where to locate the Geocapsuling data forms you filled out. (Do not send the actual GPS coordinates to this unsecured site.)

A complete top-to-bottom thumbnail checklist for your Geocapsuling Adventure (including this Arrival Home Checklist) is available on the Fast Track To Geocapsuling page.



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